Team Building

Working in the Learning Laboratory

teamwork! Whether you are building a new team or seeking to improve your existing team, our skilled staff will help you reach your goals.

Schools, youth groups and both for profit and not-for-profit organizations can benefit from the communication, problem solving and leadership focus of our programs. While we know that getting people to work together as a team is serious business, we never forget that having fun is the best way to learn.

Laboratories are made for experimenting. Ours is outdoors. We use guided activities to allow your team learn from their experiences. Imagine a group trying to solve a problem and being coached to examine their problem solving process. They try a new tactic in a short activity to explore the new ideas effectiveness. The team succeeds! Remember, we are in the laboratory and we are only one hour into the day. The group can now go and try the new idea on another problem to continue their testing and learning.

Our programs are run at many locations or we can bring the program to you. Talk to us. We will bring you the best possible program.

Our Staff

We are passionate about teams and team building. We also like to have fun. Many of our staff have advanced degrees and experience as teachers, counselors, rangers, coaches and leadership instructors. With an average of 6 years of team building experience our staff bring you great programs.